You will find here thes following accomodations : free Wifi, swimming pool, play ground with sand-box and swing, a log cabin for childs, a bowls ground and other surprises.


Capacity Beds Facilities
Cabanotte Independant house with kitchenette. up to 4 pers. 1 bed 140/190 cm + mezzanine 120/190 cm Shower room, toilets, kitchenette, radian heater, wood hoven
Mamouna Duplex appartment in the main building with external independant stairway access. up to 6 pers. 1 bed 140/190 cm + 2 beds 140/190 cm WiFi, shower room and toilets
Cabin in the tree
Four meter high confortable cabin in the tree with stairway access up to 5 pers. 1 140/190 cm bed + 3 X 90/190 cm on mezzanine WiFi, shower room and toilets

2018 fees for two persons, including breakfast and tourist tax

1 night
2 nights
100 €
180 €
110 €
190 €
Cabane perchée
150 €
250 €
General conditions
- Childs : free up to 2 years old, from 3 to 12 : 30 € by night, including breakfast.
- More than 12 years and additional adults : 40 € by night, including breakfast.
- Fees include tourist tax
- Personalized stays on demand

- Income after 4 PM
- Departures before noon
- Bedding and towels include
- Cleaning include

The Cabin in the tree

On a hillside, to the margin of the wood, among oaks and chestnut, discover the panorama of rolling woody hills and the Chartreuse and Vercors montain range in the distance, sometimes even the Mont Blanc. The cabin in the tree has it's own shower room and toilet. A kitchenette allows longer stays. WiFi is available.

Please take some time to visit the cabin in the tree

The Mamouna

Built as a duplex appartment surronding a library, the Mamouna welcomes big families and friend groups (up to 3 couples and 3 childs). We choosed ceder wood furniture.

Please take some time to visit the Mamouna

The Cabanotte

First born of our gests rooms, the Cabanotte offers a wooden chalet atmosphere, built from cedar and larch. Have a romantic getaway, enjoy a wood fire and pamparing holidays.

Please take some time to visit the Cabanotte


Marie Odile and Bertrand Lemoine welcome you at Le Bayard. They have lived in this lovely setting for a decade. Over the years their small farm house, stable and wood have seen the birth of Mamouna, Cabanotte and Cabin in the Trees. They can both help you in your discovery of the Monts du Lyonnais, as well as sport, cultural, and craft activities in the area.

Marie-Odile, your hostess, is a passionate gardener as well as being a certified nurse, masseuse and doula.

Bertrand, an avid carpenter shares his love of fine wood, such as cedar, which he used in creating the interiors of the three accommodations.